Here at DSJ, we’ve always been partial to Clif Bars as our go to nutrition bars.  There are many great options on any given store shelf, but for a buck or less the choices are more limited.


clif-barWe tend to stay away from chocolate or carob because it’s too sweet and tastes more like a candy bar and tends to easily melt in your pocket or pack.  Clif has some good non-chocolate flavors and you can usually find them for $1 each at the grocery store.




Shopping at the City Market in Breckenridge, we came across Peanut Butter Crunch Energy Bars by Simple Truth.  Simple Truth is the house brand at Kroger stores and you would also find them at Fry’s Markets and Smith’s Food Stores.  At $.75 each, they caught our attention.



Here’s a comparison:

  • Both Clif and Simple Truth bars are the same size at 2.4 oz.

  • Simple Truth has more protein with 11g to Clif’s 9g

  • Simple Truth has slightly more calories with 250 (fat 60) to Clif’s 240 (fat 30)

  • Clif has more carbs at 45g to Simple Truth’s 38g

  • Simple Truth has more fat at 6g to Clif’s 3.5g

  • Simple Truth has more sodium at 210g to Clif’s 120g

  • Our small sampling group actually preferred the taste of Simple Truth


Bottom line:

As a meal replacement, we’d probably stick with Clif due to the lower fat and sodium.  But as a high activity nutrition bar for things like skiing, cycling, or hiking, Simple Truth looks like a great choice, especially for the price.  At $.75 each, you can get four bars for the price of three Clif Bars.



Note: Sad, but true.  You can rest assured that Kroger has never even heard of DSJ and the above review is completely unbiased.