Steaze – Term frequently heard while riding on the lift with baggy pantsed adolescents on snowboards or skis with hideous graphics and turned up tips on the back.  Park Rat vernacular for a mixture of “style” and “ease”.  Duh!  Will never apply to me, let’s move on…

Free Refills – When it’s snowing hard enough that your tracks from the previous run have all but disappeared by the time you’re back up for the next run.

Cheater GS racing ski – A racing ski for the weekend warrior.  It has a greater side cut than legally allowed for FIS races while still fine for Nastar or league racing.  This produces a ski that is usable as a fun front side carver as well as in the race course.

Apres ski – after skiing (ie. nightlife)

Off Piste – off marked trails or runs

Chowder – chopped up powder

Quiver – The various skis one owns.  As in having the right tool for the right job.  A good “one ski quiver” would be your “do everything” Leatherman.  But as a rule, the appropriate number of skis in one’s quiver always equals the current number plus one.

Death Cookies – Loose chunks of ice that have thawed and then refrozen adhering to the surface underneath.  Imagine a skateboard park with a piece of rebar sticking up through the concrete about an inch and you have the idea.