As I sit here writing this, it’s another stormy day at the DSJ Corporate HQ based here in Phoenix, AZ. The high country is getting pounded, excitement is building, but once again, it seems as though the gods are conspiring. One would expect a “DesertSnowJunkie” to live in the desert, but that sad fact of life so often leaves us a day early, a day late, or more than likely just completely screwed out of those juicy powder days. Our options are typically limited and creative thinking is our only hope. Let me share my current dilemma as a fine example of our epic struggle:

“I should shoot up to Durango – but my condo is rented – but wait, the manager has offered me a spare bedroom – but I let my daughter use the truck and have no transportation from the airport – okay, so I just hit up Az Snowbowl tomorrow – but the roads will likely be restricted – and damn, the afore mentioned 4X4 is up in Colorado – so I could take one of those local tour buses – if they’ll even be able to get thru in the morning – but it happens to be a Saturday and they’re likely already booked full – okay, so the roads will clear, and Sunday will probably still be good – but wait, I have to work. Oh well, maybe next time…”

UPDATE: bus has seats available, see ya there.  Woohoo, life is good!!!