binding dinAs you dust off your skis from last year, do you wonder if you should have relaxed the binding springs before taking out the golf clubs last spring? Will the bindings still function reliably? We consulted the DSJ R&D Dept. to get an engineer’s perspective to settle this question once and for all.

Answer:  Not to worry, you could leave your bindings set for 30 years and not affect performance one way or the other, at least in regard to the springs. Skis will normally wear out long before the bindings. And within the binding design, several other components or functions will usually fail, or at least become unreliable before the springs ever wear out.

Also, tests have shown the life of a ski to be about 75 days of hard skiing before any significant material breakdown begins.  (WARNING: this does not apply to skis, boots, or anything else for that matter, left in the garage or an automobile in the summertime in Phoenix!!!)