Dekuyper Hot Damn! 100 proof

As far as flask worthy libations go, it just doesn’t get any better. And believe me, we’ve tried them all. From Goldschlager to Jagermeister to every flavor of Schnapps. The biggest problem is your flask won’t last long once your partners get a taste of this chairlift favorite. Its billed as a cinnamon schnapps, but it has the exact same taste as those “red hot” candies. Just the perfect little fireball kick in the pants you need on a burly day. At about $14 for a 750ML bottle, its about half the price of most competitors like Aftershock. Make sure and get the “100”, as the regular is just glorified cough medicine. 


Flylow Gear
Flylow Higgins Jacket

Flylow Higgins Jacket

This relatively new ski wear company out of Denver, CO has really made a solid name for itself. With its backcountry roots, it’s known for designing outer wear with durability, comfort, affordability, and style. You get the light weight mobility of mountaineering gear but the style and fit of freeride apparel. Balancing simplicity and functionality, they’ve created gear that will stand up to the harshest conditions. Built for the backcountry, overbuilt for the resort – perfect!


KEEN ShoesKeen - Alamosa WP

With its jagged, rocky  terrain,  Arizona should be the final testing ground for all outdoor footwear.  After hiking hundreds of miles over the years I’ve left a lot of rubber in the Superstition Mountains. That is until I switched to Keens. Extremely comfortable, built like tanks, and reasonably priced, these are now the DSJ “go to” brand for outdoor shoes and sandals. 


LEKI Trigger Poles

Just a really great design eliminating the need for pole straps. All the same hand support with just an easy click in and out. There are also some added safety benefits. After once experiencing a fall into a tree well, it made my escape possible by just pushing the thumb buttons to jettison the poles. Tree skiing with straps on is inadvisable, but not having the pole attached to your hand can also lead to problems. The trigger system releases at a set force to alleviate this problem.


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